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Statement of Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance (CEIAG)

General mission

Brentford School is committed to supporting its students in preparing for their future and fulfilling their potential.


Brentford School for Girls is committed to providing a planned programme of careers education for all our students in years 7 – 13. Careers education is delivered through the BLOSSOM curriculum and where possible through trips and activities. We are also committed to providing access to impartial and independent careers advice through the Careers Education Co-ordinator, through the Hounslow 14-19 service (for those students with additional needs) and via the National Careers Service telephone helpline and.  Impartial careers information and advice will continue to be delivered through the Careers Education Co-ordinator.

The School's CEIAG policy is underpinned by a number of key policies, frameworks and other up to-date relevant guidance, such as:

  • Section 19 Education Act (2011)
  • April 2017 Statutory Guidance (DfE): Careers Guidance and Inspiration in Schools
  • The CDI Framework for Careers, Employability and Enterprise Education 7-19 (2015)
  • The Ofsted Inspection Framework (2015)
  • The Gatsby Benchmarks (Good Career Guidance) (2014)
  • Access to Technical & Vocational Education and Apprenticeship providers

In addition, the school is striving towards the highest standards through achieving the Quality in Careers Standard accreditation.

This statement links to School policies, including Equality, Child Protection / Safeguarding, Work Experience and the new Access to Technical and Vocational Education and Apprenticeship Providers policies.


This statement will be reviewed biennially in discussion with senior school staff, the Careers Education Co-ordinator, the student council and the school governors.

Management and Implementation

CEIAG is line managed by the Assistant Deputy Head. Guidance is delivered to pupils in years 7-13 by the school’s Education Co-ordinator who is fully qualified to level 6 and a member of the Careers Development Institute. Students with additional needs (for example those who are at risk of disengaging or those who have special educational needs, learning difficulties or disabilities) are supported by Borough Personal Advisers from the 14-19 service. There is a named Link governor to support the work of CEIAG, on the school’s governing body.


All staff contribute to careers education and guidance through their roles as tutors and subject teachers. Careers education forms an integral part of the curriculum in the BLOSSOM programme. Careers work is structured to meet the 3 core aims of the Career development Institute’s framework for careers, employability and enterprise education 7-19:

  • Developing yourself through careers, employability and enterprise education
  • Learning about careers and the world of work
  • Developing your career management and employability skills

The careers programme is planned, monitored and evaluated by the Careers Education Co-ordinator in consultation with the teacher with responsibility for PSHCEE. 


All students are entitled to careers education and guidance that meets professional standards of practice and is person-centred, impartial and confidential. It is integrated into the students’ experience of the whole curriculum. The programme aims to challenge stereotyping, promote equality of opportunity, inclusion and anti-racism. The careers programme is planned according to the learning outcomes of the CDI

national framework. Provision is communicated to students through the school’s website, as well as through the school’s termly Highlights magazine and Brentford Bulletin. The Careers Education Co-ordinator also attends:

  • Year 6 and 6th form Open evenings
  • Parents’ Evening
  • Post-16 UCAS Information event

See tabs for details of KS3, KS4 and KS5 entitlements.


BSfGs work with a number of organisations to help deliver a stronger service. We have a range of different relationships with them. Partners include:

  • University of Roehampton, University of West London, St Mary’s University, Brunel University London
  • Hounslow 14-19 Service
  • Charities including NCS & The Wings of Hope Charity 
  • Local employers (teapigs, BSI, Sega)


Funding for the CEIAG area is allocated annually and the Careers Education Co-ordinator is responsible for its effective deployment. The Careers Education Co-ordinator is based in the careers office and has an ‘open door’ policy. Students regularly call in for advice.  Students have access to a range of resources giving information about all routes and pathways at post-16 and post-18. The school has software licences including UNIFROG.

Staff Development

The Careers Education Co-ordinator attends the local CEIAG Network meetings (termly) and other training as needed. Staff delivering careers topics via the BLOSSOM curriculum have access to personal development opportunities as required. 

Monitoring, review and evaluation

There is an annual cross-curriculum audit of careers provision and the programme is reviewed annually by the Careers Education Co-ordinator and Assistant Head, in order to identify areas for improvement. Evidence is drawn from student and staff comments as well as from external participants at a variety of career events. This informs the annual careers development plan. The Careers Education Co-ordinator reports to the Senior Leadership team and governors once a year.