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School performance

We are so proud of the achievements of our Year 13 and Year 11 students and of the qualities they have shown in negotiating the challenges of the past two years. We are delighted that the attributes of hard work, determination and mutual support, both amongst their peers and from their teachers, have been rewarded in each of their exam successes. We celebrate with every student who received exam results knowing how much their academic journeys had been disrupted by the pandemic. To maintain their focus and commitment and achieve the excellent grades they have, deserves a huge amount of praise and admiration.

The return to public exams in 2022 has provided further evidence and justification of our school’s status as one of the highest performing girl’s school in London.

A Level results

After an unprecedented two years of uncertainty and challenging conditions for learning our Y13 class of 2022 are now heading for university, having achieved excellent A level results.  All year 13 students who took their A Levels and equivalent qualifications at Brentford in the summer of 2022 did themselves proud, overcoming the challenges of the pandemic to set higher standards than ever before and gaining the highest percentage of A* grades in the process. Students have been highly successful in securing places at their chosen universities, including some of the most prestigious institutions in the country. We wish our Year 13 leavers every success in their ongoing education and future careers and we look forward to welcoming them back as successful alumni.

GCSE results

The 25th August not only brought with it much awaited rain after a very hot and sunny summer but also a hall full of excited students waiting to collect their GCSE results. The atmosphere in the room was electrifying as students nervously opened their envelopes. Suffice to say there were lots of smiling faces and tears of joy as the students read out their results. Initial analysis of our data has shown that our students have achieved on average almost one grade higher in all of their subjects at GCSE when compared to what their peers have achieved nationally.

We would like formally to recognise and celebrate the tireless work of the teachers and school staff who have gone above and beyond to ensure that the incredibly high-quality education continues here at Brentford School for Girls. I would also like to thank families for the support they have provided for our young people and the school.