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School performance

Exam Results 2020

We are celebrating yet another year where we are extremely pleased with our students’ achievements in their GCSE and A level courses. Despite the fact that students did not sit exams in the summer 2020 exam series nor did we, as staff, have the opportunity to share in their jubilation on results day, we are incredibly proud of how hard they worked throughout their courses and the resilience they showed during a time of uncertainty and unfamiliarity.

Over the last 6 years our GCSE results have placed us in the top 10% of schools nationally for our academic performance and the progress that students make at Brentford. Please click here for the Department of Education (DfE)  Performance Tables which includes information about our Progress 8 score, sixth form Value Added and EBacc average point score.

Although the government has announced that it will not publish any school or college level educational performance data for 2020 (read more about it here) we felt that we would really like to share information about the next stage of learning that our students have progressed onto as well as make mention of those students who achieved exceptional results in Year 11 and Year 13.

The Year 11 students listed below achieved a phenomenal number of grades at 7 to 9. Many of them have stayed on with us at Brentford Sixth form to embark on their next stage of learning and we look forward to celebrating similar academic success with them at the end of their A level studies.

Student name

Primary school attended before coming to Brentford


GCSE Results


Marlborough Primary

6 x 9’s      4 x 8’s


Brackenbury Primary

9 x 9’s      1 x 8


Little Ealing Primary

5 x 9’s      1 x 8         3 x 6’s      1 x Distinction


Cavendish Junior and Infant

4 x 9’s      6 x 8’s     1 x 7


Hounslow Heath Primary

4 x 9’s      2 x 8’s     3 x 7’s


Worple Primary

4 x 9’s      2 x 8’s     1 x 7       3 x 6’s


Chatsworth Primary

3 x 9’s       5 x 8’s     2 x 7’s


  2017 2018 2019
Progress 8  +0.20 +0.70 +0.70

Scroll down below for information on what the PROGRESS 8 measure is. 


  2017 2018 2019
Attainment 8 48.72 50.0 52.0

Scroll down below for information on what the ATTAINMENT 8 measure is.


The percentage of students from Brentford who were in Year 11 last year who entered employment, education or training this year is 99%


Our Year 13 students who also achieved commendable results in 2020 are off to some of the most prestigious universities across the UK to embark on degree courses, many of them securing places on courses of their first choice. Despite having had to endure an undue level of stress and anxiety over the past few months we are so proud of the manner in which our students remained committed to their studies and persevered with their ambitions to study at tertiary institutions. The table below lists the university choices and courses of some of our students



University of Westminster

Aerospace Engineering

University of Westminster

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Science

University of Westminster

Interior Architecture

King's College

Chemistry with Biomedicine

Courtald Institute of Art 

History of Art

Angela Ruskin 

Criminology and Policing

Angela Ruskin 

Medical Science

Angela Ruskin 

Crime and Investigative studies

Royal Holloway


Royal Holloway

Financial and Business Economics

St George’s


St George’s

Biomedical science

London School of Economics and Political science

International Relations and History




Early childhood studies

University College London








What does Progress 8 measure?

Progress 8 calculates how much progress students make between their results in Year 6 (when students are aged 10 or 11) and their results in Year 11 (when students are 15 or 16). A progress 8 score of zero means, on average, the students at the school make expected progress. A progress 8 score of +0.50 means that students at the school have achieved, on average, half a grade higher in all their subjects compared to similar students nationally.

  2017 2018 2019
Progress 8  +0.20 +0.70 +0.70

What is attainment 8

Schools get a score based on how well students have performed in up to 8 qualifications, which include English, Mathematics, 3 English Baccalaureate qualifications including the Sciences, Computer Science, History, Geography and Languages, and 3 other additional approved qualifications. Mathematics and English are also double weighted compared to other subjects. To calculate the Attainment 8 score, each student's qualifying grades are converted to points and added up, with Mathematics and English double-weighted. From 2017, reformed GCSEs will be graded on a 1-9 scale.

  2017 2018 2019
Attainment 8 48.72 50.0 52.0



On the new 9-1 scale, a grade 4 is considered to be a ‘standard pass’ (low C grade) and agrade 5 equivalent to a ‘strong pass’ (high grade C). Until 2017, achieving GCSE           grades A*- C in English and Mathematics was widely recognised as the minimum required to commence a level 3 route of study. The government now report on the percentage of students in the school who achieved a grade 4 + in Maths and English as well as those who achieved a grade 5+ in Maths and English. These are the thresholds for the ‘basics’ measure and, in the future, it is anticipated that Grade 5 will become the expected standard.

Proportion of students achieving a Grade 4 or above in English and Mathematics








% of students achieving 4+ in GCSE Mathematics and English 55 65 69



  Proportion of students achieving a Grade 5 or above in English and Mathematics





% of students achieving 5+ in GCSE Mathematics and English   39 50

We have had an increase this year in the number of Year 11 students who achieved a L5+ in English and Maths and are confident that this was the result of the hard work from the girls and the outstanding support provided by staff and parents.


The English Baccalaureate

The English Baccalaureate [EBacc] is a school performance measure used by the Department for Education. It measures the proportion of students in Year 11 who gain GCSE grades 5 -9 in the following subjects:

Two Sciences [Two from GCSE Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Combined Science)

A language [modern languages, ancient languages such as Latin or community languages]
History or Geography

 Proportion of students achieving the English Baccalaureate [EBacc]





% English Baccalaureate at grade 4   35 35

Sixth Form

At Brentford 6th Form, students will be taught by enthusiastic and well-qualified teachers who will guide students to extend their learning both inside and outside the classroom. All students will receive an education of the highest standard within a close-knit community based in the 6th Form Centre. Our consortium links with other local schools means that students can choose from a large number of courses, while enjoying the benefits of remaining as a Brentford 6th former. Students will have a personalised programme of study and the 6th form team will work closely with each student to ensure that they get the most out of their experience at Brentford.  The 6th Form team will support each student in developing their independent learning skills, giving your daughter  a firm foundation for whichever direction they choose to take after finishing their studies with us.