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Leadership team

 Head Teacher - Marais Leenders

Overall strategic responsibility for the BSfG and Worple school, budget and resource management, EIP and external links and networks. 



Head of school - Devesha Singh (CURRICULUM AND SAFEGUARDING

Whole school curriculum, safeguarding strategy/culture, marketing strategy and PM review process



Whole school achievement and assessment strategy and quality assurance processes


assistant Headteacher - SARAH BURCH (TEACHING AND lEARNING)

Teaching and learning, staff training (CPD), homework, literacy, high achievers, ECT's and teacher training 


assistant headteacher - Philip dexter (BEHAVIOUR and attitudes) 

Attendance strategy, behaviour strategy and student leadership



assistant headteacher - paul may (Whole school logistics AND personal development) 

Whole school logistics and events, admissions, staff wellbeing, personal development curriculum, trips and visits and timetable (homework timetable and options process)


head of sixth form - gita agnihotri



Business Manager - MELANIE Baldy

Whole school finance strategy, human resources leadership, support staff leadership including admin team, health and safety, well-being coordinator and GDPR.