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Leadership team

 Head Teacher - Marais Leenders

Overall strategic responsibility for the BSfG and Worple school, Budget and Resource Management

EIP and External links and Networks, Marketing Function and Ofsted.


Deputy headteacher - Kelda stevenson (Teaching & Learning)

Whole school Teaching and Learning strategy. Staff CPD, Performance Management (professional development).  Monitoring calendar.

deputy Headteacher - Devesha Singh (achievement & personalisation)

Achievement and personalisation.  Self Evaluation ARR

assistant Headteacher - Katie Coleman (student support & progression & Safeguarding)

Student support and progression, Safeguarding Lead, Strategy (HUB Team).  Whole school logistics and events. Student and staff wellbeing strategy.  ICT strategy (GDPR) and Admissions.

assistant headteacher - Philip dexter (Behaviour & Rewards)

Whole school behaviour strategy including rewards and attendance strategy.  Transition, SEF Year Monitoring Weeks.

assistant headteacher - paul may (curriculum)

Curriculum and timetable. International Links, Global Curriculum.  Business and Enterprise.  Trips and visits.

assistant headteacher secondment - amanda fleck (Ethos & community)

Community.  Whole school literacy. Business Links, Internationalism. Worple Partnership. SMSC/Extra curricular.

Business Manager - Mary Partington

Whole School Finance strategy, HR Leadership, Support staff leadership including Admin team, Health and Safety (GDPR) and Academies.  Well Being Co-ordinator.