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Remote learning & self isolating

Please find below information on the remote learning offer of the school for period affected by Coronavirus and protocols for virtual learning.

The below protocols relate to ::

1. Using comments in Google Classroom

2. Students participating in live lessons via Google Meet

Students must make sure that their device is fully charged and logged on for the duration of all lessons.

Using Comments in Google Classroom

  • Google comments are an essential way for students to ask their teacher for help and address any misconceptions. It is essential that every student follows the Google Comments guidelines:
  • Use academic English in your comments to your teachers.
  • Do not make comments to other students; please only comment on the work, reply to questions posed by your teachers, contribute to a conversation started by your teacher or write a question you would like to ask
  • Any inappropriate comments will be recorded in a screen shot and sent to your Head of Year who will communicate this with your parents/carers.
  • Where there are behaviour concerns these will be recorded in the school’s behaviour spreadsheet and reported to the Head of Year for that year group. Your parents/carers will also be notified.
  • If students are not following the school’s expectations, they may be ‘muted’ in Google Classroom, by their teacher, so they can no longer make comments.

Live Lessons/Streams via Google Meets

Live lessons via Google Meet can be a really useful way of allowing students to ask questions about their work and talk to their teachers directly. It is essential that all students follow our live lesson guidelines. Teachers will guide students in whether to have the video and audio on OR just audio.

All students are expected to have their video on at all times.

  • Students must have their microphones set to mute and only un-mute when you ask to by their teacher.
  • Students can signal they have a question by writing ‘question’ in the comment box.
  • Students must speak in a respectful academic way and must stay on the topic of the work.
  • Students and any parent in view must be in appropriate clothes and have a neutral and appropriate background (e.g. they must not be in an empty area of the home and should not have any siblings or other family members in the background). 
  • Where possible please use earphones to help ensure you can hear the lessons as well as possible.

Please access the attached document for the remote learning offer for Brentford School for Girls