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Building resilience of young people and the promotion of fundamental British values is at the heart of preventing radicalisation and is covered extensively with our young people throughout their PSHE lessons. Children at Brentford School for Girls have a safe place in which they can discuss controversial issues, and be given the knowledge and confidence to challenge extremist beliefs and ideologies.  

The school's internet filtering system effectively prevents students from accessing dangerous websites and students receive regular lessons and assemblies on e-safety.  All teaching staff have completed the appropriate training to help them spot students in danger of radicalisation and new staff receive training in their safeguarding duties. Our school works closely with the local police and Children's Services to offer support to any students identified as being at risk.

For an introduction to the Prevent duty and an explanation of how it aims to safeguard vulnerable people from being radicalised, HM Government has created an e-learning module following consultation with a range of individuals and organisations. The module has been created with the feedback of teachers, local authority officials, community-based groups, youth workers and many others.