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Phase 2 Home Learning Material

This work is for AFTER the Easter holiday. 

Click on individual subjects for work set. 

Maths     English    Science   History   Geography 

French   German   Art   Photography   Design Technology 

Drama   Film Studies  Music   Business Studies   RE 

Health and Social Care   PE 

  1. Art HABITAT 2020 Yr 9
  2. Business Studies Work Yr9
  3. Drama Devised theatre Yr9
  4. Drama Homework mono Yr9
  5. Drama Legally Blonde Yr9
  6. Drama Live theatre booklet Yr9
  7. Drama Too much Punch for Judy booklet Yr9
  8. Drama Yr9
  9. English work Yr9
  10. Geography Ecosystems Yr9
  11. Geography Presentation Ecosystems Yr9
  12. German Revision booklet activities Yr9
  13. History Beyond mainstream medicine information sheet Yr9
  14. History Beyond mainstream medicine questions Yr9
  15. History developments during war table Yr9
  16. History impact of war information Yr9
  17. History surgery source consolidation questions Yr9
  18. History Surgery sources consolidation Yr9
  19. History Timeline of development of medicine Yr9
  20. History War Powerpoint Yr9
  21. Maths Number A Work Pack Yr9
  22. Maths Number B Work Pack Yr9
  23. PE AQA Exemplar with Scaffolding Yr9
  24. PE Athletics Exemplar Coursework Yr9
  25. PE Coursework Framework Yr9
  26. PE NEA PART 3 assessment grid Yr9
  27. PE template c.w Yr9
  28. Photography André Kertész image analysis Yr9
  29. Photography Andre Kertesz Yr9
  30. RE 12 Mark structure YR9
  31. RE Sheet 1 Islam Yr9
  32. RE Sheet 2 Islam Yr9
  33. RE work Yr9
  34. Textiles Amanda Wood Research Yr9
  35. MUSIC - Rock 'n' Roll - Yr 9
  36. Science CB1 Word Sheet Yr9
  37. Science CB2 Word Sheet Yr9
  38. Science CC1-2 Word Sheet Yr9
  39. Science Edexcel_Biology_Cells and Control_KnowIT_GCSE Yr9
  40. Science Edexcel_Biology_Key Concepts in Biology_KnowIT_GCSE Yr9
  41. Science Edexcel_Chemistry_Key Concepts in Chemistry_KnowIT_GCSE Yr9
  42. Science Edexcel_Chemistry_States of matter and mixtures_KnowIT_GCSE Yr9
  43. Science edgcse_aap_chklst_cb1_0430_w Yr9
  44. Science edgcse_aap_chklst_cb2_0430_w Yr9
  45. Science edgcse_aap_chklst_cc1_2_0430_w Yr9
  46. Science work Yr9
  47. HSC Phase 2 Yr9