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Learning commitments

Learning At BSFG

As a school, we are committed to ...

  • Providing a supportive, yet challenging learning environment for your daughter
  • Offering your daughter a full and appropriate curriculum as far as we are able
  • Monitoring progress and achievements and report, explain and discuss the results with you
  • Alerting you to any difficulties your daughter maybe experiencing
  • Giving you the information you need about the school, its policies and curriculum
  • Fully supporting your daughter in keeping her part of this agreement

We expect students to be committed to..

  • Attending school and lessons regularly and punctually
  • Be properly prepared for lessons
  • Working hard to achieve their personal best
  • Doing their homework and handing it in on time
  • Following the Code of Conduct and all the School Policies e.g. uniform
  • Looking after the school environment
  • Taking care of their property and respect other people’s
  • Being an active member of their Tutor Group and the school

We expect parents/carers to be committed to...

  • Sending their daughter to school on time every day
  • Contacting the school immediately if there is a genuine reason for absence
  • Seeing she is properly dressed and equipped for school
  • Fully supporting her learning and ensure homework is done
  • Making every effort to attend meetings with her tutor and subject teachers
  • Contacting the appropriate person at the school if I/we have concerns about her education
  • Ensuring she brings to school only sufficient money for her daily needs
  • Fully supporting the school’s policies and matters of discipline
  • Fully supporting their daughter in keeping her part of this agreement
  • Making sure holidays are taken outside of term time