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Leadership Responsibilities

Leadership responsibilities


  • Monitor Bubble during break and lunch time
  • Promote the school’s house system via virtual assemblies
  • Organise virtual events
  • Maintain online notice board
  • Be a positive role model and meet deadlines
  • Attend all house assemblies and participate
  • Carry out regular duties and attend meetings
  • Fundraising for charity

House Captains lead students within their particular House, ensuring high levels of participation for all

Their main responsibilities are:

  • To work with other House Captains and House coordinator to help organise House events.  For example inter-house competitions and charity and fund raising events
  • To encourage all students within their House to participate in the full life of the school.
  • To attend all House assemblies and participate when required
  • To act as a role model for other students
  • To motivate students to participate in and fully support the House System
  • To maintain the House Notice Board
  • To contribute to the House section on the website
  • To co-write / coordinate the writing of articles for the Highlights magazine each term, informing the school of progress and events completed

 Our House Captains are:

  • A positive role model and ambassador for the school
  • Enthusiastic and committed to the House System at BSfG
  • Friendly and positive with all students, particularly within their House
  • Proud to be part of the team of House Captains who work together to achieve success
  • Work to deadlines


  • Monitor Bubble during break and lunch time
  • Deliver virtual assemblies on various topics.
  • Virtually mentor Year 7 Students
  • To support at open evenings and parents evenings when required
  • To attend HUB Ambassador meetings termly 


  • Be a role model for lower school to aspire to
  • Carry out regular duties and attend meetings
  • Fundraising for charity
  • Part of the editorial committee for the Year Book
  • Arrange the end of Year 11 function
  • To represent the school at open evenings and events when required as part of school student leadership
  • Monitor behaviour in your Bubble
  • Address poor behaviour before and after school

We embrace opportunities for student leadership.  Our Year 11 students are invited to apply for the role of prefect, which is a well respected and prestigious position in the school community.  Prospective prefects have to go through a rigorous application process involving a letter of application, interview and presentation on the role of the prefect in school.  Prefects are expected to fulfil a range of duties including duties around the school, leading on the organisation of the Year 11 prom, yearbook and hoody, attendance at parents’ evenings and  they also participate in the interview process for new members of staff.  Of course, probably the most important part of being a prefect is being a role model for other pupils.  Prefects wear a different tie so they are clearly identifiable from the rest of the school


  • Helping out at Parents’ Evenings
  • Leading role on Head Start day
  • Leading role for 6th Form Open Evening
  • Year 13 Summer Ball planning





  • Weekly duties and Lower years’ advice clinics
  • Helping out at Parents’ Evenings
  • Leading role on Head Start day and Open Evening
  • Year 13 Summer Ball planning
  • Year Book and Graduation planning
  • Giving Speeches


  • Monitor Bubble during break and lunch time
  • Making sure Bubble is kept clear and tidy
  • Ensure pupils within your bubble are behaving appropriately.
  • Help your tutor and HoY when asked to do so.
  • Assisting in handing out equipment if required during lesson/teacher changeover.
  • Monitoring of class behaviour in lesson/ teacher change over.
  • Helping to ensure quiet and efficient movement of students within your bubble.
  • Assisting with admin tasks within your bubble


The main purpose of a student librarian is to help the school librarians run an effective library while obtaining valuable experience and transferable skills vital for the outside world. The student librarians help with issuing and returning books, finding helpful and useful information and promoting reading for pleasure. As this is a voluntary position, student can record their volunteering hours on the school’s vInspired portal and gain volunteering certificates for 10, 30, 50 and 100 hours.