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Information for UCAS teams

October 2020

Contextual information for Higher Education Providers: Covid- 19 implications for current Year 13 cohort

Monday 23rd March Brentford School for Girls & 6th Form closed due to government guidelines.

Initially, staff were required to supply work packs, which were also uploaded on to our school website; all staff remained contactable via school email.  Staff were required to continue sending in work to be uploaded, so students could continue with remote learning.  The work continued to follow the subject specification and primarily consisted of note taking and retrieval style tasks to check understanding.  In May, the school introduced Google Classroom, where staff uploaded resources and most lessons had a pre narrated introduction and sections narrated to students to ensure a better understanding of the tasks set.  Some live online teaching took place but this was minimal due to internet access for both, staff and students.   The week commencing 6th July 2020, all Year 12 students were invited in for a 90-minute ‘face to face’ subject specific lesson. 

Historically, our students would have received personalised careers education and guidance, for example, a Higher Education Fair. Additionally, we would have had a step-by-step launch for UCAS and alternative pathways, such as apprenticeships, but this was not possible.  Ordinarily, students would also have drafted a personal statement before breaking up for the summer.