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Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

As part of our mainstream building, we have a dedicated space for our ASD unit. This space is a part of the main building but slightly more difficult to access than other classrooms, giving it a feeling of security and safety for autistic students with EHCPs. Since 2015, this space and teaching assistants have been supporting autistic students with mainstream setting, by providing a 'removed' space for explicit teaching of social skills, life skills and communication skills as well as the teaching assistants working within mainstream classes, supporting the autistic students with their learning. Students are timetabled to be in the unit for the number of sessions that meet their needs. These sessions enable them to work towards their EHCP targets, whether these are social or academic. The focus is also on personal development: strategies to organise themselves, self-regulate and communicate.

The ASD unit has spaces for 12 students across Key stage 3 and 4. This small number allows support staff and allocated therapists (the Occupational Therapist, the Speech and Language Therapist, the Physical Disability Advisor and the Educational Psychologist) to get to know the students holistically and support them socially, emotionally and academically. Recommendations and strategies are then shared with teaching staff and pastoral teams to ensure that support is school-wide and not exclusive to the unit. There are early links with primary schools to support the Y6-Y7 transition process, and we have strong links with families to guide and support them through this period of time. The students meet and support each other in timetabled sessions or at break or lunch, so there is a further layer  of peer support in addition to the pastoral support that staff offer.

Meet the team 


                    Ms Titchmarsh                                         Ms Doherty

                 Teaching Assistant                                 Teaching Assistant


                        Ms Conlan

                  Teaching  Assistant

Enquiries are welcome from parents of students who have a diagnosis of ASD and an EHCP from the Local Education Authority. The teacher who leads the ASD unit is called Frances Dutton, SENCO and she can be contacted via email on