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This is an option for students who already have an idea of the career they want to pursue. In an apprenticeship, students will be employed and trained for a specific job. There are numerous apprenticeships on offer, ranging from engineering to accountancy.


Traineeships get students ready for an apprenticeship. They can last between six weeks and six months, and provide a combination of essential work preparation training, literacy and numeracy skills, and work experience to help students secure an apprenticeship or other job.


This option is specifically for students with learning difficulties or learning disabilities who want a job but require additional support. They last for at least six months and are unpaid. During a supported internship, the student receives a mix of training and work experience – there is also an option to study for qualifications or other courses during the internship.

CLICK HERE to access an informative parent pack from APRIL 2023 with information on apprenticeships.

Please find below some useful labour market information (LMI) from the Education Development Trust in their February 2021 Newsletter.