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Staff vs Students Basketball

A decisive game of two halves

A provision of Brentford 6th Form is the opportunity to be part of a society, or as Kavita Kaur has done, host the Sports Society in Brentford 6th Form. Recently, Kavita took the opportunity to organise and host a staff vs students’ basketball game. Each half was fifteen minutes with the game located in the Curie Gym. The students of the game all felt driven and enthusiastic to play the staff and show them their might. The students had a fantastic start with a score of 8:4; but with determination, the staff ended the game with a strong finish, with strong teamwork on both teams. At times no one knew who would win, but eventually, after some clever dribbling and a couple of 3 pointers, the students lost to an almighty score of 18:8, which determined the winners. This proved to the students that staff were the bosses. This was an exhilarating experience for both students and staff. Having lost this basketball game it was not all bad because the students felt that to experience loss in a competitive way is fun. This grouping activity also permitted students to come out of their comfort zone. Blerta, while smiling, said “It was fun! It helps students like myself to find the true meaning behind sportsmanship. Having this experience has enabled us at Brentford 6th Form to open more opportunities in having more staff vs student games”. Next term, Brentford 6th form have decided to plan a staff vs student game of football and this time, with a bit of luck, the students will outperform the staff.

Written by Kavita Kaur, Brentford 6th Form student