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Brentford School for Girls Art Exhibition at the Watermans

Art, Textiles and Photography GCSE and A-level work features at Watermans Centre

Brentford School for Girls is delighted to be showcasing students Art, Textiles and Photography GCSE and A-level work.

The work is in response to one of the school 'values': 'Creative' (other values are: Ambitious, Confident, Flexible, Inquisitive and Reflective).

The exhibition represents a broad section of work produced for examination and end of year exhibition. Some of the work is thematic and was developed in collaboration with the London Museum of Water and Steam and some is responses to portraiture, figurative studies and other themes.

At A-level, students choose their own work themes and therefore outcomes become more personal in nature, perhaps focusing on a particular issue and entrenched with meaning.

Students are able to look at a variety of artists and photographers and respond appropriately in their preferred media.

Brentford School for Girls is intent on developing their students' creativity and receives outstanding results in Art & Design, Textiles and Photography.

Annually a good number of students go on to study these subjects at leading Art Colleges and Universities and gain jobs within the Creative Industries. The staff and students at Brentford School for Girls are grateful for the support of Watermans as this is a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase working a professional arts venue. This opportunity allows for students to gain knowledge and recognition for their first public exhibition.