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A Love for Learning

A Love for Learning - Fatima Year 7

The recent pandemic has caused a lot of upheaval and challenges in the world of education. Many students have lost valuable learning time due to the sudden shift to remote learning. However, one student from Brentford School for Girls has not been deterred. Fatima Dewan, a Year 11 student, has always had a strong passion for learning.

Fatima Dewan is a remarkable student who has always had a love of learning.Having a love for learning is an excellent motivator for students. It ignites a fire within them to want to know more, and they are naturally curious about the world around them. Fatima’s passion for mathematics has allowed her to go above and beyond her regular subject timetable and produce exceptional work. Students who love learning are more likely to be ambitious and take on challenges that will help them grow.

Mrs Malek, Fatima’s maths teacher commented:  “Fatima has always gone above and beyond the normal subject timetable to produce some outstanding Mathematics.”

When students enjoy learning, they are more inclined to embrace creativity in their studies. Fatima's story is an excellent example of this. This creativity allows students to challenge their minds and explore different ways of solving problems. This type of thinking can lead to innovative solutions and groundbreaking ideas.

In year 7, Fatima wrote a Mathematical story based on Binomial expansions. In Year 10, Fatima was entered early for her Mathematics GCSE and it came as no surprise that she achieved the top grade of a 9.

When students excel in their studies, their self-confidence increases. They begin to believe in their abilities and feel empowered to take on more challenges. These successes are an excellent confidence booster, and it can have a positive impact on other areas of their lives. Fatima's success in mathematics has likely boosted her overall confidence levels.

Students with a love for learning are more likely to carry that passion into their future endeavours. Learning is a lifelong process, and having a strong foundation of curiosity and ambition can lead to a lifetime of learning and growth. Brentford School for Girls is very proud to have such an exceptional student in year 11 and they wish her all the best for her remaining GCSEs this year.

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