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Every year, the 1st of March is an exciting day!
It is the day that Year 6 students around the country find out which secondary schools they have been allocated to join in September. It is also the day that the schools find out who will be joining them as their new Year 7 cohorts.

At Brentford School for Girls, there was genuine excitement from all the staff to find out who will be joining the school in September 2023. In addition, the 1st March also represents the start of a comprehensive transition programme to ensure each student feels safe, happy and part of the school community prior to their official start date in September.

The transition programme that has been devised at Brentford School for Girls involves a number of planned events to welcome both parents and students to the school community and to meet each other and to put a face to the names. The move from primary to secondary school can present a number of worries and the school are keen to help with this unsettling time by helping parents to get to know each other and students to make friends in this transition stage to make the start in September even more exciting!

The first of these events ‘Welcome to Brentford’ takes place on Tuesday 14th March 2022 from 6.00pm to 7.00pm in the school. This event provides a general introduction to the school, as well as an opportunity to meet some key members of staff.

After the Easter break, there is a chance for all of the girls to get to meet each other again and get involved in some fun, after-school activities. Finally, there are individual meetings with each parent and their daughter later on in the summer term.

Induction day for Year 6 students takes place on Tuesday 4th July 2023. This is the day when all students across the local authority visit their new schools. This day enables students to experience a school day and further familiarise themselves with the school and the friendly school community.

At Brentford School for Girls, this transition period really has enabled students to feel part of the community from when they receive their place. Students comment positively on the activities and join the school in September keen to fulfil the ‘Future Brentford Girl’ vision of the school.

Some students of Brentford School for Girls wanted to give some reassuring words to the current Year 6s who are embarking on their new journeys:

“On joining Brentford I was excited to make new friends but nervous at the same time as I was the only person from my primary school to come here. I have made great friends in my time here and feel comfortable and supported.”

When I joined Brentford School for Girls, I was worried and thought I would not make any friends. This was not the case. I made many friends and became more confident and courageous. I really enjoy coming to school. It is warm and welcoming.”

“When I first started at Brentford I was quite nervous because no-one from my primary school was in my tutor group. I have now made lots of new friends in my tutor group and in other tutor groups. The school helps you with any difficulties and with anything you don’t understand.”

“The school has high expectations of you but they help you meet them with lots of support. I was a bit nervous to meet new people, but I made lots of new friends.”

“When I first came to Brentford, I was pretty nervous that I wouldn’t make any friends but I ended up making so many.”