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Anne Frank Trust 'Together Again' Programme

Working with the Anne Frank Trust and their 'Together Again' programme to support the reintegration of students into our school community. 

The focus of our recovery curriculum here at Brentford School for Girls has been the reintegration of students into our school community, re-establishing routines, supporting students with change management and providing them with a safe space for all students to discuss their lockdown experience.

We were keen to work with the Anne Frank Trust as their ‘Together Again’ programme complimented this. We were interested in how the Trust has made an interesting link between the story of Anne Frank during the Holocaust, with contemporary society, particularly social issues around Covid-19 and the possibility that our students may have experiences similar feelings and emotions during lockdown.  The programme provided our students with the opportunity to reflect on what they learnt about themselves and wider community and how this has potentially shaped their respect for social connections and sense of togetherness.

“The workshop was well prepared and organised. The facilitator was professional and the girls were fully engaged. The facilitator did a great job delivering the session; students had their hands up to eagerly answer questions and wrote in their workbooks when instructed. I was very proud of the way the behaved and represented BSFG.” Ms FALCONER, Brentford School for Girls.

“Students loved the videos and enjoyed discussing how Anne Frank felt, they were able to understand her emotions and could see the links between her feelings at the time and how they have felt in the past and most recently due to the lock down.”Ms PEARCE, Brentford School for Girls.