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Vinspired Volunteering

Students speed ahead without outstanding volunteering 

ongratulations to all students who received vInspired certificates this term: over 1000 hours worth! Certificates for 100 hours volunteering, the top award from vInspired, went to: Kaylan Kaffaf, Simran Garcha, Kyann-Sian Williams, Andrea Gutierrez, Hannah Thornton and Aimee Lucas (Year 11). Since the Christmas break students across all year groups have been busy volunteering and logging their hours on the school’s vInspired portal.  Students have been working in a variety of in-school volunteering roles such as School Librarian and HUB Ambassador as well as helping out at our school clubs. Outside of school, students have been involved in a range of activities including helping out at a local Brownies Pack, volunteering at the London Museum of Water and Steam and fundraising for charity at a local mosque. The following students who received awards are:


Iga Dorczynska
Hana Haid


Tahira Qanai
Olivia Pazdziorny
Emily Horrix 
Aisha Choudhry
Nazanin Osmani 
Samat Liaquat
Sandra Zabek


Roshni Lundd
Tina Satta
Olivia Pazdziorny
Gabriela Boloz


Kaylan Kaffaf
Simran Garcha
Kyann-Sian Williams
Andrea Gutierrez
Aimee Lucas

The vInspired awards scheme is a respected way for 11 - 25 year olds to get official recognition for their volunteer activities so if you haven’t done so already and want to create an account, click on the vInspired logo on the school’s intranet or see Ms Brown in Careers for further information.