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As parents & carers, you play a vital role in helping your children succeed in their studies. With exams underway, it is important to create the right environment and provide the necessary support to help them stay motivated until the very end.

Brentford School for Girls students achieved exceptionally well in 2022 with the school being placed in the top 5% of schools in England with a fantastic progress score of +1.05. Brentford School for Girls is committed to helping their students achieve exam success and has kindly shared some useful tips to help parents/carers do the same.

Get organised
Creating a schedule or timetable that maps out the revision period can really help your child to stay on track with their studies with a revision timetable. Encourage your child to break their revision down into manageable sections and mix up the subjects to prevent boredom. Regular breaks can also help to keep them stay motivated and focused.
Have a suitable revision environment
It is important that your child has a calm and quiet environment to revise in, where they will not be disturbed. Encourage your child to turn off their phone and social media to limit distractions. Consider investing in a small desk and comfortable chair to make their revision space comfortable.
Encourage time management
Time management is a key skill that your child will need to succeed in their studies and beyond. Encourage them to prioritise her time and complete their work early, so they don’t feel overwhelmed as the exams approach. Help your child be realistic with their expectations and remind your child that taking frequent breaks can actually increase productivity.
Fueling for success
Good nutrition plays a vital role in brain function and energy levels, so make sure your child is eating a healthy, balanced diet that includes plenty of fruit, vegetables, and protein. Avoid sugary and high-fat snacks that can lead to energy crashes and lack of concentration.
Providing support
Finally, it is important that we provide your children with emotional support during the revision period. Encourage them to take time out for hobbies and interests, exercise regularly, and seek help if they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Knowing that you are there to support them, both emotionally and practically, can really help your child to stay motivated and focused.

By following these useful tips from Brentford School for Girls, you can help your child stay on track for exam success. Remember that every child is different, so take the time to find out what works best for your child and don’t be afraid to seek help or advice when needed.