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Brentford School for Girls’ Exam Results 2017

GCSE – English and Maths: Another fantastic year of results at Brentford School for Girls where we are so delighted for and proud of our Year 11 students. 65% of our students achieved a 4+ in English and Maths. Given that this was the first year of a much more challenging syllabus in English and Maths we are so pleased that the hard work from the girls paid off and we know that they benefitted hugely from outstanding support provided by staff and parents. 78% of our students achieved a good pass (5+) in English GCSE and 88% of our students achieved a strong pass (4+) in English GCSE. These results put Brentford School for Girls as one of the highest performers in what is already a highly performing local authority.

GCSE subject results: Our students follow a broad and balanced curriculum with access to traditional as well as creative subjects. We were delighted that 100% of students achieved a strong pass in Drama, 93% of students achieved a strong pass in Art and Design, 88% of students achieved a strong pass in French, 79% achieved a strong pass in BTEC Sport, 72% achieved a strong pass in ICT and 70% achieved a strong pass in Additional Science GCSE.

High achievers & English Baccalaureate: Almost a quarter of the grades achieved by the year group were 9-7 grades (the equivalent of A**-A grades). Half of the grades achieved by the year group were 9-5 (the equivalent of A**-high C grades). The following students achieved some outstanding grades and along with our whole Year 11 cohort we would like to congratulate them and their families.

Eloise Johl:                          Two 9s, 4A*, a Distinction *, an 8 and an A
Simran Garcha:                 A 9, 8 and 7, a Distinction *, 4 As and a B
Hannah Thornton:           An A*, two 8s, a Distinction *, 3 As and a B
Biha Saeed:                        A 9, an 8, a Distinction *, a 7, four As and a B

One third of the year group achieved the English Baccalaureate at a strong pass level and we anticipate that this will be significantly above the national average.

Progress made by students: We are a comprehensive school and pride ourselves on supporting students to achieve beyond their target grades. Our progress 8 score (the progress students make from Year 6 to Year 11 in their 8 best subjects) indicates that on average students made half a grade better progress across all 8 of their subjects than expected.

A level: We were delighted with our A level results this Summer. We hit our target of 38% of all grades being awarded at A*-B level. 69% of the results were awarded at A*-C grade. 100% of our BTEC students achieved a Distinction* - pass.

University progression: 100% of our Year 13 cohort have progressed on to further education or training. Many have taken up places at Russel Group Universities studying a huge range of subjects from the Sciences and Medicine to the Arts. Some of our leavers and their destinations can be seen below:

Bella Eaves is studying History at Liverpool University
Storay Amiri is studying Pharmacy at University College London
Nayan Gurung is studying Industrial Chemistry at Durham University
Heba Serry is studying Photography at the University of the Creative Arts
Lara Abu Dabat is studying International Relations at the University of Westminster
Sana Ali is studing Population and Geography at the University of Southampton               
Louise Hawkins is studying Children’s Nursing at the University of West London
Sade Coke is studying Acting at St Mary’s University       
Holly Morte is studying Education with Spanish at the University of Aberystwyth

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