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Year 13 Parental Questionnaire

Part of the Brentford School for Girls vision is to prepare each student and ensure they are ready for life in the future, whatever that might be. Throughout Year 13 your daughter or son will have made some important decisions about their post 18 options and their next steps, whether that is applying to university, starting an apprenticeship or work. We would value your feedback about how well you feel your daughter or son has been supported in their decision making at this important time of transition. Please read the following statements and rate how strongly you agree

The school provided clear information about the process for applying for Higher Education*
The school provided clear information about alternative post 18 options including apprenticeships, taking a gap year or seeking work*
My daughter or son received all the information necessary to help them make decisions about post 18 options*
I feel confident that I can request information from the school about all post 18 options*
Overall I am happy with the careers education, information and advice provided at Brentford School for Girls*