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Our Visions & Values

Our Vision

Imagine the future Brentford Girl; she thrives on challenge and has a desire to fulfil her learning potential; she is able to think independently and is confident in her social and academic capability; she is emotionally aware and emotionally intelligent; she is capable and dependable; she is resourceful and inquisitive; she embraces the technological world as a global village and is ready to interact with others in the local and worldwide community; she accepts the welfare of others as her responsibility; she understands the need for sustainable living both locally and globally; she is ready for life in the future – whatever that may be. She is the centre of our vision and will remain the very core of our being and purpose.

Our Learning Values

"Brentford School for Girls helps you grow into a confident and courageous woman" - Sakina, Year 8

Our learning values represent the core skills and traits that we foster in all girls as part of their wider learning and personal development. 

  • Be Ambitious

  • Be Inquisitive

  • be confident

  • be courageous

  • be flexible

  • be reflective