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All students receive four periods of Science teaching a week. The course is designed to enable students work as young scientists, questioning established theories and gathering ideas about the world around them.  The lessons cover a range of topics with plenty of experimental work where possible.  Pupils plan and evaluate a range of different investigations in each topic allowing them to develop their investigative skills throughout the 2 year key stage 3 course.


At KS4 we study the Edexcel course. Pupils can study science in one of two different ways. They can follow a GCSE course in Science which leads to qualifications in two science GCSEs. Elements of biology, chemistry and physics are covered during the course with the aim of preparing students for progression to a KS5 science course and beyond. Assessment is through 3 externally assessed exams and a controlled assessment carried out in class, each worth 25%. Pupils can also study a triple science course which allows them to gain three GCSEs in Science, Additional Science and Further Additional science.


We currently complete the AQA course in Physics and Chemistry and Edexcel in Biology at KS5. The courses are designed to help students to develop a good knowledge and understanding of biology/ chemistry/ physics together with their applications in everyday life. The courses allow the students to develop key skills in communication, problem solving and working with others. Each subject is taught by a specialist teacher.