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Parents are invited to join us to discuss their daughters’ progress and achievements twice a year. Once at the annual parents evening and another at the academic review meeting. The annual parents evening will provide you with an opportunity to meet with all of your daughters’ class teachers.  The academic review meeting is organised so that you will meet either a senior member of staff, your daughters’ head of year or a form tutor, to discuss your daughters’ progress. These meetings normally take place during the day time.

Additionally, targeted groups of parents may be invited to school to work with our Parent Engagement leader or other teaching staff in support of your daughters’ achievement.

Parents and carers receive a progress report periodically (at least 3 times a year), giving current and previous levels or grades in every subject. This allows parents and carers to track and monitor their daughter’s progress on a termly basis. A more detailed school report is sent home annually, detailing attainment and progress for the year.

We encourage parents and carers to register for both SIMS ‘In Touch’ and text alerts. ‘In Touch’ is a useful tool which allows us to provide parents and carers with up-to-date news about the school. We are also able to email newsletters and letters regarding any trips or events that have been organised. Text alerts go straight to mobile phones and are useful for quick reminders and alerts. You can also keep up to date by following the school on twitter, Facebook and Instagram.