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Music is a key component of the Brentford curriculum, giving our girls the opportunity to learn instruments, explore the music of different cultures, and develop their memory, motor, social, expressive, listening and literacy skills. They experience a range of Music styles through singing, instrumental work, group and solo performing, and composing.

Year 7

In Year 7 the focus is on developing instrumental, singing, ensemble and basic theory skills so the girls can discover and develop their interests ready for Year 8 and beyond.

  • Boomwhackers! - Developing ensemble skills such as timing and leadership.
  • Ukulele skills – Developing instrumental skills, such as playing chords, strumming and finger-picking.
  • Keyboard skills – Developing instrumental skills such as playing with independent hands, creating bass lines and fluency.
  • Singing – Developing our voices individually, as well as singing together in harmony, to create quality whole-class vocal performances.
  • Samba drumming (1) – Bringing the spirit and rhythms of Rio carnival to Brentford! Developing ensemble, rhythm and leadership skills.

Year 8

In Year 8 we take the skills and interests developed in Year 7 and put them to use across a number of themed projects. The girls are able to choose on which instrument(s) they wish to develop their skills, based on their preferences and talents.

  • Band Skills – Developing band and ensemble skills (musical and social!); learning a basic drumming pattern and bass guitar.
  • Cover songs – Our students get into bands to create a cover version of their chosen song.
  • Song Writing – Each student will get the opportunity to write their own song, on their own or as part of a small group.
  • Samba drumming (2) – Rio carnival is back – and this time, the girls are composing the music!


At Key Stage 4 we now offer the RSL Level 2 Music Practitioner course (Performing and Composing  options).

This is a vocational qualification that is highly regarded by sixth form colleges and universities alike.

This is a practical course that gives our girls lots of opportunities to perform and compose both inside and outside the classroom.! This is an amazing opportunity for them to not only to explore a subject they enjoy, but to collaborate with other musicians in the school who they may never have worked with before.

Students get 1:1 and small group support in developing their existing musicianship skills, as well as encouragement to pursue new ideas and interests to support their growth as musicians. There are opportunities to perform at events such as our Rockschool Showcases, assemblies, and, of course, our group numbers at the Christmas and Summer concerts.


We will spend Year 9 preparing for the course, Year 10 completing the coursework and qualification, and Year 11 completing Theory work and exploring other music options and

Extra Curricular

The extra-curricular side of the department is growing year-on-year. Our current ensembles include Samba Band, Ukulele Orchestra, Boomwhackers and Choir but we are always expanding, so keep an eye out for new groups!

We are always looking to give our girls the opportunity to perform to friends and family. Our annual Christmas Extravaganza, is followed by various other opportunities including the Summer Fayre, termly Talent Shows and a variety of informal shows during the school day.

We also offer peripatetic instrument lessons, provided by tutors from Hounslow Music Service. Currently this includes singing, piano and guitar lessons.

For more information, please check out the BSfG Music Frog page.