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Media Studies

Media Studies is an option subject at GCSE and a popular A level choice at Brentford. It is a highly successful subject which offers a mixture of academic study and creative expression.

Key Stage 4

At GCSE students study a number of areas of the media including Print (magazines, newspapers and comics), Advertising (moving image, viral and print) and Movie trailers (genres, narratives and conventions). There are also opportunities to investigate Television, Games and the Music Industry as well.

Assessment for Media Studies GCSE is currently 60% Controlled Assessment and 40% Exam. The exam topic changes each year and is gives students the opportunity to show their knowledge and understanding as well as showcase their creative and communication skills.

Exam topics:

  • 2016  Science Fiction Films
  • 2015  Broadcast Television News
  • 2014  Video Games
  • 2013  Music Publishing: Magazines and Online
  • 2012  Television Crime Drama
  • 2011  Action Adventure Films
  • 2010  Reality Television  

Key Stage 5

In A level Media Studies students develop skills in film production, music videos, image manipulation, social media, marketing and advertising. They work individually and in teams on practical projects which in AS focusses of making the opening and title sequence for a film new fiction film and at A2 a music video and other promotional artefacts for an unsigned band or artiste.

In parallel to this students learning about the major theories which underpin the media including the relationship between media institutions and audiences, the representations of different groups in society, the social, historical, economical and political impact of media and how it reflects and re-presents society.

Studying media develops student independence and creativity, it enhances their technical skills, improves their analytical writing and understanding of the modern world and is of course always changing, always current and highly relevant to modern life.