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Geography is currently the most popular optional subject at Brentford School for Girls. The desire of our students to take Geography at GCSE stems from the creative and hands-on approach to the delivery of lessons, which aim to inspire and enthuse students at all levels. Geography is brought to life in the classroom through: up to date and interactive case studies; models and dioramas; news articles and clips; movies and films and debates. The aim of the Geography department at Brentford School for Girls is to instil a passion for the subject, developing a clearer understanding of our planet and the interconnectivity of the modern world.

Key Stage 3

Students have 2 lessons of Geography a week. A range of topics are covered at KS3 which help students to develop their Geographical skills and understanding. KS3 explores a wide-range of places, environments, societies and events that help to shape our planet, while taking into account the importance of a sustainable future. Geography at Brentford is about us. It is about making sense of our everyday lives and how we are part of our globalised world. The department aims to run a number of field trips that develops student understanding of the Geographical issues, landforms and demography within the local area.

Key Stage 4

GCSE students study the Edexcel A Geography specification and are taught over 3 lessons a week. Students are assessed on a range of human and physical topics while also assessed on their geographical skills. The course is 75% exam with the Human Environment, the Physical environment and Geographical Skills and Challenges making up 25% each.  Students also complete a controlled assessment task that accounts for a further 25% of their final GCSE grade. The controlled assessment is based on field work completed on a 3 day residential field trip where students collect the data required to investigate a geographical issue.

Key Stage 5

Alevel students study the AQA Geography specification and are taught over 6 lessons a week. The course is split between AS and A2 with ‘Human and Physical environments’ and ‘Geographical skills’ taught during the AS year and ‘Contemporary Geographical issues’ taught during A2. A2 students also study a pre-release booklet and are assessed on this accordingly. Over the course of the two years a vast range of geographical topics are covered that provides all students with a breadth of knowledge that will equip students for further study. Geography is viewed by universities as a facilitating subject and it is therefore a course that universities recognise for its academic nature.  Whether or not students choose to study Geography further, it will equip them with a wide range of desirable skills that will help facilitate all students’ progress into the next stage of their lives.