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Gender Equality Forum

8th March 2018

Brentford joined the Future Youth Schools Forum at the end of 2016 and our first forum was run in the Summer of 2017. The topic last year was ‘People Forced to Flee’ or ‘Forced Migration’ which covers a wide spectrum but includes refugees and we decided to run our forum during Refugee Week. We hosted two other schools, St John Laws from Harpenden and Woodside High from Wood Green and we also took over Oxfam Campaigns Twitter for the day. The resultant actions we took as a school have been to send hundreds of postcards to MPs as part of a campaign to help change the law regarding refugee children and their parents and it has made a difference. Lobbying has resulted in a private members bill being discussed in Parliament next March. 

This year our topic is Gender Equality. Already the students have run two sets of assemblies on presenting some of the extra-ordinary and troubling facts about the gender inequalities which still persist across the world. New students have been recruited and we are preparing to run our forum on the 8th of March, International Women’s Day. The big thing for us this year is the scale of it: 10 schools, 100 students and 5 countries to Skype too! The big thing is again the scale of the issue and to start the critical thinking, we began our international conversations in October with a massive online webinar with students in Poland, Italy, Lithuania and Cyprus as well as Oxfam UK and Oxfam Italia. If you want to make a difference to Gender Equality both in the UK and across the globe, join the Future Youth Schools Forum NOW. Check out the FROG site for more information.