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Brentford School for Girls is one of a growing number of FROG schools across the country and abroad. FROG is our Virtual Learning Platform and is the safe and secure online environment which the staff and students can use to continue the learning away from the classroom. Each department has a FROG page and some department provide a wealth of revision and academic support through FROG. Student have an individual login and the ability to modify their own desktop and configure it to suit them best. In these increasingly technologically literate time our students are given the very best provision online as well as in school and FROG along with the remote desktop are at the very heart of this.


Coming soon, parental logins to FROG and access to the Parent Engagement Portal or PEP – this will in the future give parents real time data about your daughters progress, attendance and behaviour.


Login to FROG using the FROG button on the home page.