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Canteen Legislation

New Legislation

Parents/Carers may by now be aware that as from 13th December 2014, the EU will be introducing new legislation in respect of food allergens awareness (EU regulation EU FIC 1169/2011).

You will be reassured to know, that well in advance of the 13th December, the catering department at Brentford School For Girls has already:

  • ensured that all catering staff have completed the Food Standards Agency’s Allergens Awareness Training
  • put in place the statutory signage which advises pupils of what to do if they have a query on allergens contained within food
  • compiled a central database of allergens which is located in the kitchen area to provide any information that may be requested

We hope this gives sufficient assurances as to our proactive stance in this matter however, any queries can be addressed to Mrs Partington, School Business Manager via email –