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Business Studies


Knowledge and understanding of the features and dynamics of business activity, from a range of different perspectives e.g. the consumer, the manufacturer, the shareholder, the employee and the manager.  This course is both active and enjoyable. You need to be good at communicating and explaining your ideas, and not afraid of learning new things and working with numbers to solve business problems. You will learn how to be a creative thinker and how to make decisions. What’s more you will also learn about the world of business through research and investigation, as well as through practical tasks.  It will further develop your ICT skills and extends your numeracy/literacy knowledge in a practical setting.


While studying the first two units of this course you will learn a lot of new things. You will be introduced to the world of small businesses and will look at what makes someone a successful business person. You will find out how to develop an idea and spot an opportunity, and turn that into a successful business. You will understand how to make a business effective and manage money well. You will also see how the world around us affects small businesses and all the people involved.

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Small Business
  • Unit 2: Investigating Small Business
  • Unit 3: Building a Business
  • Unit 4: Business Communications
  • Unit 5: Introduction to Economic Understanding

During the course you will take written examinations and carry out a controlled assessment task. For Unit 1, you will take a written examination paper with multiple choice and objective test questions based on the Unit. In Unit 2, you will be given a list of controlled assessment tasks to choose from. The tasks will be based on what you have studied in Unit 1. Whichever route you then follow, Units 3, 4 or 5, another written examination paper is taken giving you the other half of your marks. The questions will be a mixture of multiple choice, data response, short answer, extended writing and scenario based questions based on that business.

What could I do next with GCSE Business Studies?

No matter which route you follow, GCSE Business Studies can help you prepare for Further and High Education. It will prepare you for AS/A2 Levels as well as BTEC and NVQ courses in many different subjects. You will become skilled in making decisions, being creative, solving problems, understanding finance, dealing with data, communicating and working as part of a team.