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Art & Photography


Students are very talented at Brentford School for Girls and embrace Art education at all levels.  Within Key Stage 3 students are exposed to a range of media and work individually or collaboratively while developing thinking skills. They receive one lesson per week at Key Stage 3 and 3 lessons per week at Key Stage 4. A-level students attend 6 lessons per week and use the studios in their free time. A high proportion of students take GCSE and A-level Art and Design each year and many go to Art College and University. 


At Key Stage 3 students use a wide variety of materials and media and explore different projects.  These may be thematic or inspired by an artist or culture.  They learn how artwork was made and the historical significance of the work. Students learn how to manipulate media and gain skills when recording from observation.  They develop their own ideas and review and refine their work. 


Students study Art at GCSE and create a Portfolio of work which consists of two projects in response to different themes.  Students can cover a multitude of disciplines which may include: painting, drawing, 3D, textiles and photography. 

They begin with research and recording their ideas and develop these while exploring a variety of media. They look at the work of artists and produce their own response(s) to the theme while reviewing and refining their ideas.  During this course of study, students carry out two coursework projects, these are worth 60% of the grade and an Externally Set Assignment which is 40% of the overall grade. 

The Externally Set Assignment is set by AQA exam board and students are provided with a starting point.  This project allows students to work independently within specified time constraints, realise their intentions and create a personal and meaningful response which explicitly address the four assessment objectives. 

A-level Art & A-Level Photography AQA 

At the beginning of the A-level art course, students are exposed to a variety of media and techniques while focussing on a thematic project. As students develop their own skills they are able to explore topics/themes/artists of their choice. They continue to look at the work of artists and at cultural artefacts throughout their studies. 

This course requires students to choose one endorsement for study throughout AS and A2. At A2 level students should build upon the knowledge, understanding and skills gained at AS with greater depth of study. The course is broken down as follows: 

AS Unit 1 Coursework Portfolio 50% of AS, 25% of A-level 

AS Unit 2 AS Externally Set Assignment 50% of AS, 25% of A-level this includes a 5 hours examination in which students produce a developmental piece and later continue to work on their outcome(s).  

A2 Unit 3 A2 Personal Investigation 25% of A-level.  This unit is a practical project which includes a 1000-3000 word personal investigation. 

A2 Unit 4 A2 Externally Set Assignment 25% of A-level. This practical unit includes a 15 hour examination as the final part to this unit.