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6th Form Team

Headteacher - Marais Leenders

Strategic Lead, Finance, Learning Environment, Business & Community Development, Local Authority and Education Improvement Partner Links.

acting deputy headteacher - katie coleman

Whole School Logistics, Safeguarding Lead, Strategy (HUB Team). Transition, 6th Form Strategy, Community and Marketing, Admissions and Ofsted preparation.

Head of 6th form - linsey cornwell

Head of 6th Form

Ms f kadri - 12 Kings

Form Tutor

Mr t holloway - 12 Oxford

Form Tutor

Ms g welsh - 12 Cambridge

Form Tutor

Ms S Malek & Ms D Dunn 13 Kings

Form Tutors

Ms m williams - 13 oxford

Form Tutor

ms l storer - 13 cambridge

Form Tutor