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Head Girl Welcome

Head Girl
Head Girl
Daria Boloz

I joined Brentford School for Girls in Year 7 and have been a part of a journey that has seen the school develop into one of the highest performing schools in the local area and beyond, with significant improvements in GCSE and A-level attainment as well as noticeable improvements to the school site. Despite all the changes the one thing that has remained constant is the commitment to education. The staff at Brentford School for Girls continue to work to help the students achieve their predicted grades (with many excelling these) by providing support both in the classroom and after school when needed. Brentford School for Girls provide excellent pastoral care in order to ensure that the girls are not just educationally able but emotionally able and confident in their environment.

A school is not just about the bricks and mortar, it is about the people inside, and here at Brentford we embrace the multicultural diversity and experiences of all of our fellow pupils. The tolerance and understanding among both staff and students help drive the students to be creative with their ideas- encouraging them to be more flexible and reflective about their choices.

Brentford School for Girls provides an abundance of extra-curriculum activities such as drama productions and debating clubs that help build confidence and resilience among pupils. Our goal at Brentford is not to place glass ceiling on girls, but rather to shatter them. Brentford always encourages us to ‘think big’ and be ambitious with our choices. By providing extra opportunities with clubs and residential field trips in key stage 4 and 5, the girls see the vast opportunities that we have in our communities and on a global scale.

My time at Brentford School for Girls has shown me that with determination and inquisitiveness, anyone can achieve, with hard work and support from the staff and students, Brentford School for Girls a great place with endless possibilities.

Because life’s goals are always changing, sometimes what you become in life is not as important as the journey you take to get there.