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Sociology: A Level (Facilitating)

course specification

Sociology is the study of people and society. It offers an insight into social and cultural issues. It helps you develop a multi-perspective and critical approach to understanding issues around culture, identity, religion, crime, media, childhood and social power.

Students who take Sociology often also study Psychology, Drama, History, English Literature and Media Studies.

The Sociology A Level course helps students develop a number of new skills.

You will enjoy this course if you want to study a subject that:

  1. Introduces you to the study of people and society, helps you to understand why there is order and conflict in society
  2. Teaches you how to use evidence to support your arguments
  3. Teaches you how to investigate facts and use deduction
  4. Teaches you how to put over your point of view fluently
  5. Teaches you how to take responsibility for your own learning
  6. Develops your skills of evaluation, interpretation and analysis
  7. Examines some of the different ways sociologists explain family, education, mass media and crime

exam board



Paper 1

  1. Education
  2. Theory and Methods
  3. Methods in Context

Paper 2

  1. Families and Households
  2. Mass Media

Paper 3

  1. Crime and Deviance
  2. Theories and Methods

entry criteria

Minimum GCSE grade 4 in English Literature or Language


100% Examination

higher education

Sociology A Level is a good stepping stone for most social science undergraduate degree courses including: Law, Criminology, History, Anthropology, Politics, Childcare and Psychology.


This course is for students who wish to pursue a career in Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, Law, the Caring Services, Marketing or Business.

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Miss Williams