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Psychology: A Level (Facilitating)

course specification

Psychology is the study of human behaviour. You will learn about specific behaviours and the theory behind why we do what we do. You will also explore and discuss research into human behaviour.

The course aims to develop a critical understanding of concepts, theories and methods within psychology. It also teaches you how to apply psychological explanations to contemporary human behaviour. Psychology students often also study Sociology, Health & Social Care, Biology, English and Sports Studies.

You will enjoy this course if you want to study a subject that:

• Involves the study of theory, empirical evidence and practical applications

• Challenges you to think independently

• Develops how you view the world around you from different perspectives

• Teaches you how to plan and conduct scientific investigations

• Teaches you how to interpret and analyse data

• Develops your critical reasoning skills

• Develops your skills of evaluation, interpretation and analysis

• Provides a varied approach to your studies – teacher and student-led presentations, discussion, note taking,

essay writing, individual and group research

• Teaches you to organise and present theories, models and psychological research in a clear way

exam board



Paper 1

Memory, social influence and attachment

Paper 2

  1. Approaches in Psychology- including Biopsychology
  2. Psychopathology- phobias, OCD, depression
  3. Psychological Investigations- Research Methods

Paper 3

  1. Issues and debates in Psychology - Gender Bias; Culture Bias; Free Will v Determinism; Nature-Nurture, Ethical Issues, Reductionism v Holism
  2. Relationships, schizophrenia and aggression

entry criteria

  1. Minimum GCSE grade 4 in English Literature or Language
  2. Minimum GCSE grade B in Additional Science/ Triple Science


100% Examination

higher education

Psychology has links with many disciplines including biological, computer and forensic science as well as humanities such as sociology, philosophy, anthropology and even literature.


This course is for students who wish to pursue a career in Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, Law, the Caring Services, Marketing or Business.

Which teachers should I talk to about this subject?

Miss Williams