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Biology: A Level (Facilitating)

Facilitating subject

Course specification

The main purpose of this course is to develop knowledge, understanding and applications of the study of living investigations and practical work.
You will enjoy this course if you want to study a subject that:

  • Develops your interest in the study of living organisms
  • Allows you to carry out investigations in the laboratory or as fieldwork
  • Allows you to delve into and evaluate the developments of modern biological techniques, and their impact on society
  • Encourages you to communicate effectively, research information from a variety of sources and to handle and interpret data
    The course builds on the knowledge and understanding of Biology topics covered in GCSE Core and Additional Science or GCSE Biology

Exam Board



AS Level Stand Alone Qualification - Edexcel AS level Biology B (2015)

  • Topic 1: Biological Molecules
  • Topic 2: Cells, Viruses and Reproduction of Living Things
  • Topic 3: Classification and Biodiversity
  • Topic 4: Exchange and Transport

A Level Qualification - Edexcel A level Biology B (2015)

The above four units as well as :

  • Topic 5: Energy for Biological Processes
  • Topic 6: Microbiology and Pathogens
  • Topic 7: Modern Genetics
  • Topic 8: Origins of Genetic Variation
  • Topic 9: Control Systems
  • Topic 10: Ecosystems

Entry Criteria

GCSE B grade in Additional Science/Triple Science (Biology)

Trips & visits

There is no compulsory field work unit in the new specification but we endeavour to take students on as many trips and visits as possible so that they are able to supplement their studying of biology with information from external sources eg. The Wellcome Trust, Amersham Field Centre and the Hunterian Surgical Museum.

Higher Education

An A level in biology will enable you to study a range of courses at university, such as biological sciences, biochemistry, ecology, pharmacy and medicine.