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Brentford School
for Girls and Sixth Form

Transition in 2017

We are delighted that you have chosen our school or may be interested in joining us. We pride ourselves on providing girls and young women with an excellent quality of education as well as the opportunity to develop the broader skills required to be successful in a changing world. In February 2016, we received news that the Department for Education placed us in the national ‘Top 100 non selective state schools’ for the progress our students make, we were awarded a High Aspiration Pupil Premium Award in 2015 and invited to join the prestigious London Schools Gold Club, an accolade presented to the most successful London state schools.

Our drive at Brentford is to nurture the young woman of our vision, a vision that we hope you will share. As well as academic excellence, your daughter will be encouraged to develop her wider social and personal skills. There are a variety of leadership opportunities, extra-curricular activities, foreign trips and community projects, which all students are encouraged to participate in.

Our most recent Ofsted report (February 2016) stated ‘The school’s ethos that ‘every child counts’ permeates the life of the school.’ The progress of students at Brentford was identified as a strength, as well as the behaviour and attitudes of the students. The strong leadership of the school and the highly skilled teachers contribute to the school being a very ‘Good’ school.

At Brentford School for Girls, our students are encouraged to be ambitious, ‘think big’ and have high expectations of themselves. Our vision is to develop your daughter into a confident, ambitious, resilient young woman, who is ready for life in the future, whatever that might look like!

Our aim is always to ensure that our new students have as smooth a transition from primary to secondary school as possible. Applications have been made for September 2017 and you should have by now received notification of the outcome of your application.

You will be receiving a letter and information pack from us within the first week of March, inviting you to join us at a number of events between March, and when your daughter starts with us in September. If you have not been successful in your application, you may be placed on our waiting list. Please contact the school as soon as possible to request a place on this list.

This will be an exciting time for both you and your daughter. Our partnership with our families begins the day you receive your acceptance letter. We hope the information sent to you will be helpful, and the events we run are fun and informative. If you do have additional questions which you would like to raise, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or telephone at the main school address.

We are very much looking forward to working closely with you and your daughter over the next few months, and to the beginning of a fantastic partnership that will continue over the next 8 years.